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To add the Office 365/OneDrive integration follow the below steps:


  1. Sign into Canvas
  2. Open this link in a new tab
  3. Click the button and copy down the key+secret or leave this page open you will need the top two items later

  4. Open the course you want the integration in
  5. Scroll down to settings on the left side and click on it
  6. Select the Apps tab
  7. Search for Office, then click on the Office 365 image
  8. Click "Add App"
  9. Enter in the Key and Secret from the link you opened in a new tab in step 2
    Click "Add App"
  10. Refresh the page or open your course home page
    You should now have an Office 365 option at the bottom of the navigation
    Click on it
  11. Click "Log In"
  12. Sign in WITH YOUR email address, if you are already signed in you might need to just accept to allow the application to access your onedrive
  13. Once you get to OneDrive you can start linking items
  14. Ex: to add an Office 365 document to a Module, click the + sign to add content to the module like you would for an assignment, link or page
    Select External Tool, then click on "Office 365"
    From there you can select the document you want to link

    1. Select the document with the checkbox and click "Attach File"
  15. Click "Add item"
  16. If you want add a link to it in an Assignment, Announcement, Page, etc... you can use the LTI from the dropdown like below, the following the same steps as above to select it

If you have any further questions or would like someone to walk through this with you let us know!

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