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Internet Access

Xfinity is offering free:

  1. Wifi hotstop
    1. If you are near a business there may be an Xfinitywifi wifi you can access for free, when you connect to it a screen like below will appear in your web browser
      Click on "Accept and Connect"
    2. If the xfinitywifi shows prices, then the free Xfinity wifi is not available in your area
  2. Broad at home free for new customers from Xfinity who are low income

Complete list of all services during the COVID-19


  1. Microsoft 365 Pro Plus and other software are avabile for all HCC students. To get started, go to 
    1. Logon using your HCC Email and HCC Email Password
    2. You can download and install Office 365 Pro Plus (which includes Word, Excel and Powerpt) to your Windows, and MacOS. For Android and iOS, go to the Apple store / Google Play  and download for free 
  2. AutoCad Software is available for all HCC students, please go to AutoCad Login 
    1. Create an account using HCC email and selecting "University/Post-Secondary" for institution type
    2. Once you have completed the form, and email will be sent to your HCC email to confirm.
    3. If you can't get Autodesk running on yuor PC we have a limited number of seats to allow remote Autodesk access see SCSViewServer Autodesk
  3. MATLAB software is available through HCC's Virtual Desktop.
    1. Please review directions here ←Click
  4. Engineering student please refer to How to install Horizon Client and setup USB redirection for use with Xilinx boards 


  1. For Canvas help, please use the Canvas help in Canvas

    1. Click on Help in the left side of Canvas from any page, then click on "Chat with Canvas Support" or call the number shown
  2. Non-Canvas, Non-Account help? Call the TSC (Technology Service Center) at 443-518-4444, option 3
  3. Submit an online by clicking on My Technology Service Center (MYTSC) - Students
  4. If you are having an issue signing into myhcc like below clear the past 24 hours of cookies following this video Click here to view video