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Students will show up in Canvas on the "Students added date" but will not be able to access the course until term start.

Ongoing - The courses or enrollments are being created/updated every few hours (see below).
                  If it says ongoing but your course has been missing for a day contact helpdesk so we can check on why.

TBD - The area hasn't given us a start date they want the courses created by.

TermTerm CodeCourse creation and Faculty addedStudents added date
2020 Summer (ConEd)2020CUOngoing

Ongoing until 11/4/2020

2020 Fall (ConEd)2020CF



2021 Winter (Credit)2021WI



2021 Winter (ConEd)2021CS



2021 Spring (Credit)2021SPOngoing


2021 Summer (ConEd)2021CU



2021 Fall (ConEd)2021CF



2022 Spring (ConEd)2022CS



Approximate Registration → Canvas Sync Times

Canvas sync gets a report from the registration system every few hours, the import process takes around 30 minutes, sometimes longer depending on Canvas's load.

Registrations before the left time, will be added to Canvas at the time on the right.
If you register at 8:30 AM you would need to wait until the 10:30 AM import for Canvas to have your enrollments.

Register BeforeSynced to Canvas around
12:30 AM1 AM
8:30 AM9 AM
10:30 AM11 AM
12:30 PM1 PM
2:30 PM3 PM
4:30 PM5 PM
6:30 PM7 PM
8:30 PM9:30 PM
(This seems to take longer than other imports)
10:30 PM11:30 PM
(This seems to take longer than other imports)
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