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I just received an email for laptop loan? What do I do?

You have received an email from IT, since you filled a Technology Survey.
If you have not filled out the technology survey you can do so here

HCC IT will be reaching out to setup a time for you to pickup a laptop.

Please make sure:

  1. You have filled out the Laptop Loan Waiver from the link we send you
  2. Make an appointment to pickup the laptop from the link we will send to schedule a time and day
    1. If there are no available times just reply back and we will schedule a time with you via email.
  3. After you make an appointment, you will get a popup and an email with a phone number to call.

Schedule Laptop Pickup Time has been concluded. If you need a laptop and or hotspot.

Please contact the Technology Service Center at 443-518-4444


The waiver link does not work

If the wavier link does not work, please try loading the waiver form using your browser in private mode.

Still having issues, please contact the Technology Service Center at x4444.

The appointment time does not work for me

If you need special appointment, please use the technology service portal  at then use  "Remote and Onsite Classrooms" option to direct it to the laptop team and request a specific time for pickup and we will reach back out to you via email.

When do I return the laptop?

HCC will contact you via email to request the laptop return.

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