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Select Arts and AVMP courses have Adobe with your enrollment for the 2020FA term.
Adobe expired the 2020SP offer that all students had previously received.

  1. Using Chrome or Firefox, go to Adobe CC Login by clicking here 
  2. You will see an email screen, enter your HCC email and click continue
  3. Enter your HCC email address  - You will be automatically redirect to Howard Community College Single Sign On (SSO) when you click the "Continue" button

    If you already have an Adobe ID, then you will be prompted to select "work.." or "personal" Please select "work.."

    If you do not have an Adobe ID, then you will be redirected to Howard Community College's Single Sign On web page.

  4. Enter your Canvas Username and Canvas Password 
  5. After you entered your username and password, you will see:
    Click on "Open" under Creative Cloud
  6. Click on "All your apps"
  7. After you click on "All your apps", you can install any software on the list:
  8. Click on Create Cloud Install or Install individual Adobe software by clicking on Download and install

    The installation will require administrative access to the local computer.