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The Howard CC Health Check In App allows you to fill out a brief survey to generate a pass, allowing you on campus for your course or advising.
Open labs and other resources will not be open, this pass is just for access to the class.

This can be done at home on the web, or on your phone.
If you complete it at home on the web you will need to provide the security personnel your name so they can lookup the record.

If you don't see the App, please contact the helpdesk at 443-518-4444.

Once you get a passing survey with a QR code you should head to campus, below are recommended parking spots and where to go to sign in:

BuildingEnter the building at
RCF (Advising)

How to Use


  1. Open in your web browser
    It will ask you to sign in, sign in with your email address

  2. Enter in your howardcc email password
  3. Click "No" if you are on a shared computer, click "Yes" if you are confident nobody else will access this device as you to stay signed in
  4. It will pop up saying "Sign in required" click "Authenticate"
  5. It will ask you to allow it to use certain permissions, click "Allow"

    1. If it gets stuck on a screen like below, refresh the page.
      It will ask you to authenticate again a few times
  6. If it asks you to authenticate, click the "Authenticate" button

Answering the survey

  1. It will open to a page like below, click the + sign in the upper right
  2. Enter in the course you are attending and answer all of the questions
    For course, enter in the class you are going to
    Answer all of the COVID related health "Yes/No" questions for the past two weeks.
    Answer with your instructor name and email

    1. If you answer Yes to contact with COVID it will ask if you Wore PPE
    2. If you answer yes to any of the other questions it will ask for the results of your COVID test from a testing provider
  3. Click the check mark in the top right to submit your entry
  4. It will take you back to the list of your passes, click on the one for today:
  5. If you are clear to return to campus, you'll see a form like below with a QR code
    Wear a mask and bring this to the door of your building where security will check it.
    1. If you need to print off the QR code , click the document with a checkbox in the top

      1. Then print from your browser
    2. If you answered a disqualifying answer, please contact your instructor and let them know.
      If you need to take a COVID test please see's list of testing sites and test negative before returning to Campus
  6. Next time it will remember the course and instructor you entered.

Smart Phone/Tablet App

iOS/iPad OS

  1. Open the App Store on your Apple Device
  2. Search for "Power apps" in the bottom right
  3. Select the purple "Power Apps" and start it's download
  4. Click open to open it
  5. Enter your email address
  6. Enter in your password
  7. If it prompts about notifications, you can click "Don't allow" we won't notify you via this
  8. Click on the "Howard CC Health Check In" app
  9. It will check everything is setup with your Office 365 account, and may ask you to allow.
    Click "Allow"
  10. If you get the guide below, read it and click the purple button to continue
  11. Once you end up on the app home page, follow the steps above under Answering the survey


  1. Open the Play Store on your Android device
  2. Search for "Power Apps"
  3. Click "Install"
  4. Once it finishes installing click "Open"
  5. Click "Sign In"
  6. Enter in your email address
  7. Enter in your HowardCC email password
  8. You'll see the "Howard CC Health Check In" app under My Apps
    Click on it
  9. It may ask you to allow it to access Office 365 and Sharepoint
    Allow once the button finishes loading

    1. If a guide pops up, read and click the purple buttons
  10. From here the app works the same as the website, see the above Answering the survey section for more information
  11. Next time you need to fill out the survey, just open PowerApps and this app again
    If there is ever a prompt at the top to update, please update
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