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  1. Sign into your Mathworks account with your email address at
    The password was set by you when you were sent the MathWorks email, if you forgot your password you can use the forgot password feature.

  2. Once signed in click on the grid looking icon in the top right
  3. Click on MatLab
  4. Click the "Install Matlab on your computer" option
  5. Click download to download the installer, wait for the download to finish
  6. Run the installer from your downloads folder
  7. It will launch
  8. Sign in with your MathWorks/Matlab account from step 1
  9. Read the license agreement, and click the box to agree if you agree.
    Click Next

  10. Select the Matlab license if prompted
  11. It may ask for your user info, enter it in
  12. Install to the default path
  13. It will default to installing all of Matlab
    1. If you are only in Math and not engineering, you can select just Matlab to save space
  14. Feel free to uncheck both
  15. Click begin install
  16. It will download, this may take some time
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