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  1. Open Microsoft Teams from the Desktop - This will allow teams to open the invite from your email
    1. Wait for it to fully load
  2. Open the meeting invite in your Outlook and click the link to join the meeting
  3. You should get the below prompt, click "Yes"
    1. If you get a screen like below, verify Teams was launched from the desktop then select the bottom most option to use the Teams client
  4. You will have a screen like below with your webcam.
    1. Teams defaults to joining meetings with the microphone on, to join with it off either toggle it off with the microphone symbol below or click the "Audio Off" button below "Other join options"
    2. Click "Join now"
    3. If you join the meeting and your computer is muted, Teams will let you know like below.
  5. In the meeting across the bottom bar are the different controls for the meeting
    We recommend you mute your Microphone so it doesn't get any feedback from any other computers in the room.

    IconFunctionWhat it looks like for others

    Show and hide your webcam

    When your webcam is hidden it will show your initials like below

    Mute and unmute your microphone

    It will show others you are muted on the participants screen with the below icon next to your name

    Share your screen

    You can share your screen, a window, or an office document from OneDrive, Teams, or your local PC.

    Note: If you share a PowerPoint directly instead of via screen sharing, it will upload to your OneDrive and default to allowing people to review the slides on their own pace
                                        If you want to keep viewers on the same slide as you click the small eye symbol in the presentation toolbar to the left of "End presentation"

    Raise your hand
    Click again to lower your hand

    This will show a hand icon next to you on the host screen and in the participants list.
    The presenter can lower your hand.


    Opens chat.

    Show participants list

    You will see your email profile picture, but members outside of HCC will only see your initials

    Leave/end teams call
    Note: This will leave immediately, there is no warning

  6. After you leave the meeting you can access the chat log from the meeting under "Chat"
    1. Select the meeting
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