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Every time you take your exam you will need to take it by launching Lockdown browser first.
This how to will walk you through installing Lockdown Browser on your Windows machine or macOS machine. Chromebooks cannot install Lockdown browser.

Alternate formats:

Windows Install Video Link


  1. Open the course you need to take the quiz in
    1. Browse to the quiz you need to take
    2. Click "Take the Quiz"
      Note that it says "Requires Lockdown Browser"
    3. Click on "Download Respondus LockDown Browser"
    4. Click on the orange "Install Now" button
    5. Select one of the below matching your computer type for instructions on installing.
      1. LDB - Install LockDown Browser#Windows
      2. LDB - Install LockDown Browser#macOS


  1. Once it has finished downloading, double click on the installer
    1. Click "Next"
    2. Read the License Agreement and accept it
      Click the "Next" button
    3. Click on "Finish"
  2. You will now have LockDown Browser installed under "Respondus"
  3. You're all done!


  1. Allow the download
  2. When it finishes, it will show up under downloads, just beside the trash, click to open it
  3. Click on the box to run the pkg for install
  4. Click Continue to allow it to run an install script
  5. Click the Continue button
  6. Click Continue if you agree to the EULA

    1. Confirm that you agree 
  7. Click Install
  8. Enter in the username and password for an Administrator
  9. Wait for it to install
  10. Click "Close"
  11. Move the installer to the trash
  12. Open Launchpad (Space ship symbol)
  13. Open Lockdown Browser to take your exam
    You may need to scroll or search in Launchpad to find it if you have many programs
  14. Check you launch Lockdown Browser it will ask for access to your downloads folder,
    You must allow this.

    1. If you accidentally clicked "Dont Allow" you'll need to allow it by following the steps below

      1. In the top left click on the Apple logo, then click on "System Preferences"
      2. Select "Security and Privacy"
      3. Select the Privacy button/tab 
      4. Scroll down on the left side until you see "Files and Folders" like below

      5. Check the box for "Downloads folder" under the "Lockdown Browser"
      6. Click "Security and Privacy" window
    2. You will now be able to sign into Canvas