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Provide a backup in case Canvas recording is not working reliably. Typically this presents as stuck with a "Connecting..." screen.


  1. Open "Instructional Tools" on the desktop or type "Record" in the start menu search

  2. Open the "Record" program with a Camera icon

  3. Click the green "Record" button to start recording
  4. Record the content you would like to upload
  5. When finished, click the red Stop recording button
  6. The video will be saved to the desktop

Uploading to your assignment

  1. Open the assignment in Canvas
  2. Click "Submit Assignment"

  3. Select the "Media" tab
  4. Click "Record / Upload Media"
  5. Select the  "Upload Media" tab
  6. Click the "Select Video File" button
  7. Open your "Desktop"

  8. Select the video file, and click "Open"

  9. It will take a moment to upload the file
  10. Enter in any details you need in the comments field
    Click Submit assignment

  11. Check your submission was properly received by clicking "Submission details" 

    1. The video should start playing when you click on it

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