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You've received an email and need to confirm your account, please use the email based verification see Web Steps.

If you are trying to activate Virtru for sending, please see email based verification for Outlook.

Web Steps

  1. Click on the button in the email that says unlock message
  2. Click on the button with your email address to validate
  3. On the next screen select sign in with a One Time verification link.
    Sign in with Office 365 will not currently work.
  4. Open the new link you are sent from Vitru to read the email by clicking the "Verify Me" button
  5. The secure email will open and you can reply in the bottom textbox via Vitru securely to the sender and those CC'd and click the "Secure Send" option.
  6. When you are done with Vitru you can close the browser tab or window.

Outlook Steps

  1. Select "Activate Accounts" under Virtru in Outlook
  2. Click the "Activate" button when it pops up
  3. If there are multiple accounts, select the one that you need activated
  4. Select "Send me an activation email"
  5. An email will be send to your mailbox and it will automatically activate
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