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Adobe Sign Instructions

(question)  Adobe Sign is available for faculty and staff. There is a cost associated with the program. To get access to Adobe Sign, please submit a ticket to the Technology Service Center.

Step 1

Open your web browser and login to Adobe Sign by clicking here.

Step 2

Enter your HCC email address and password. If you are prompted for Work or Personal, select Work.

Step 3

Click on the "Request signatures" button to request a signature from a single person.

Step 4

  1. Enter the email address of the signature requester.

  2. Write a comment to the requester about the document.

  3. Attach the PDF or word document by dragging the document to the box or by clicking on "add files".

  4. Check the box for the preview and add signature fields option.

  5. Then click on Next.


Step 5

Now, add the signature field and any other fields to the document.

Step 6

Now, drag the "Signature to the Signature Line" and other fields like the picture below. Notice the "Recipients filed is the email you added before this screen".


Step 7

After you verified everything, click on "Send".