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Antivirus and Malware Protection

(question)  Should you have any questions or concerns with the instructions, please notify the Technology Service Center for assistance. 

Does Howard Community College offer antivirus protection for students or staff personal machines?

  • At this time HCC does not offer additional antivirus protection for personal machines.

  • Your Internet Service Provider may also have free or discounted antivirus as well if you want a more full featured antivirus. Search their website or ask customer support if they offer anything.

Windows 10 already has a built in antivirus that is very similar to the one we use in the classrooms!

If I find malware or viruses on my PC what should I do?

If it is a Howard Community College owned PC/laptop please contact the Technology Service Center

Our antivirus is designed with central management in mind, and some "free" tools for removing malware are not free for commercial/enterprise use.

If it's your personal laptop.

Run an antivirus scan. For the built in Antivirus see the following guide.

Use Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool to try to remove additional non virus applications.

Try a tool like SuperAntiSpyware or MalwareBytes Antimalware.