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Changing Zoom Name on HCC Loaner Laptop

(question)  Should you have any questions or concerns with the instructions, please notify the Technology Service Center for assistance. 

Before you Begin

When you first launch Zoom on the laptop if you didn't enter your name and left the box checked it will use the computers name. This means when you launch a meeting in the future, you will have the computers name until you leave the meeting, sign in to Zoom with your HCC account, and rejoin the meeting.

To check if your name is the laptop one in Zoom.

Click the Participants button on the bottom toolbar.

This will open a pane to the right showing a list of people in the meeting, your Zoom name will be followed by (Me) in the list like below.

Step 1

To change your name from the laptop's name to your name first, leave the meeting if you are already in one, otherwise your in-meeting name won't update until you rejoin.

Step 2

Launch Zoom on your laptop. If you are missing Zoom, you can install it from

Step 3

Select "Sign In".

Step 4

Select Sign in With SSO on the right so you can use your account

Step 5

Enter in howardcc in the box and click continue.

Step 6

Your web browser will open. Sign in with your HCC account (Same as your email, myHCC).

Step 7

It will prompt to launch Zoom again looking something like the below depending on the browser. Below are examples of the different looks.

Step 8

You'll land on the Zoom dashboard.

Step 9

Rejoin the meeting and your name will now be correct in Zoom.

Step 10

Because we've installed Zoom it will remember your sign in on this machine until you sign out.

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