Clearing Windows Cached Credentials using Credential Manager

(question)  Should you have any questions or concerns with the instructions, please notify the Technology Service Center for assistance. 

Step 1

Open the search bar and type in Credential Manager. Then open the program.

Step 2

Select the Windows Credentials option.

Step 3

Look for the Generic Credentials section. 

Step 4

Under the Generic Credentials section, you can find all of the credentials on your computer. It is safe to delete any credentials here as they will be recreated upon next login.  For example, if you delete all the Adobe credentials, they will be recreated on next login.

Step 5

To remove the credential click on the credential to open it. Then, click the "Remove" button.

A warning message will appear, click Yes. 

That will remove the Credential. Repeat this process for all of the credentials you need deleted.

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