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Conference Room Login and Crestron Information

(question)  Should you have any questions or concerns with the instructions, please notify the Technology Service Center for assistance. 

Conference Room Login Information

To login to a conference room computer you can use the default login pictured below.

There is no password for this default account.

Staff and faculty may login using their credentials. 

Conference Room Crestron Information

If the Crestron touch panel is black, tap it to turn it on.

The Crestron has different video sources you can choose from. Choose PC to use the conference room computer. Choose Laptop HDMI to connect a laptop (the cable is on the table).

Options to control the volume and to video mute the projector system are also on this screen.

Video Mute will temporarily blank the screen if the user needs to work on something.

There is an electronic control panel (pictured below) that can be used if the screen doesn't lower or retract into the ceiling via the Crestron touch panel.

To power on or off the projector, tab the power option on the Crestron touch panel.

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