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Microsoft Multifactor Authentication Adding or Changing your MFA

(question)  Should you have any questions or concerns with the instructions, please notify the Technology Service Center for assistance. 

Step 1

Sign into your HCC Microsoft account by going to Click on the photo or your initials in the top right in a circle.

Step 2

Click on View Account.

Step 3

On the menu to the left, click on Security Info.

Step 4

It will list all your authentication methods. You can add or delete one here by clicking Add method.

Step 5

It will give you several options, follow the Wizard through until you've added it.

Step 6

Once you've added it the page will change.

Step 7

Refresh the page by pressing the Refresh button in your browser or by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard to make the "Default sign in method option show up again".

Step 8

Click the blue text Change to select the default authentication type used when you sign in.

Step 9

Select your preferred contact method.

Step 10

Click Confirm.

Step 11

You'll see the default has changed and you can now close the tab.

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