Respondus LockDown Browser Tips and Troubleshooting

(question)  Should you have any questions or concerns with the instructions, please notify the Technology Service Center for assistance. 


  1. If your instructor has given you a practice test using LockDown Browser, take the practice test on the computer you plan to use, at least 24-48  hours before the actual test. This will give you time to correct any problems before taking the actual test. Contact the Technology Service Center if you do encounter problems. 

  2. If at all possible, use a wired internet connection. WiFi signals can fluctuate and cause you to be kicked out of the test. Depending on the settings, you may not be able to go back into the test.

  3. If you must use WiFi, turn off all other devises that are using the WiFi signal, including tablets, gaming devises, and streaming video/audio. Other devises will use up bandwidth that is needed for a clean connection for your test.

  4. Turn off all other application and browsers on your computer. See the LockDown Browser article for explanation.

During the Exam

  1. Do not try to access other software because LockDown Browser will lock you out of the exam. Depending upon the settings your instructor has utilized, you may not be allowed back into the exam.

  2. Save answers regularly. Just clicking the radio button does not  ALWAYS save your answers. Use the sidebar view which questions have been saved back to Canvas. Flag questions for later review before submitting.

  3. Save your answers again prior to submitting the exam.


Error Messages:

1. "Warning: The browser cant be used in virtual machine software such as Virtual PC, VMWare and Parallels."  
See the Lockdown Browser article for explanation.
If you are on an HCC loaner laptop, follow this article for how to fix, or call us to walk you through it.

2. "Error Code a4: Update Check Failed:" (on Mac) 
Another application is blocking access to LockDown Browser or there is an internet connection failure. See the LockDown Browser knowledge base article for explanation and solution. 

3. "Update server connection is blocked or not available:" (On PC):
Security settings or another application is blocking access or that there is an internet connection failure. See the LockDown Browser article for explanation and solution. 

4. "There is a problem with the settings for this exam:" or "Unable to retrieve settings from the Respondus server"
If you accessed this through an announcement or notifications link, go to the content area and/or folder within the course that contains the original link to the test. If you still get this error, contact your instructor. They will have to fix an error in the LockDown Browser dashboard.

5. "LockDown Browser froze during a test and I cannot exit:"
A dialog box from another application running in the background "froze" the LockDown Browser screen. See the Lockdown Browser article article for explanation and solution.

6. "Error Codes: -21, -105, -106 , -111, -118"
The above error codes indicate a problem with the network, not LockDown Browser. See the LockDown Browser article for explanation and solution.

7. Siri detected as running on Mac:
If Lockdown Browser won't run because it detects Siri, see the LockDown Browser article for explanation and solution.

8. Manually grant Lockdown Browser camera and microphone permission on macOS 10.14.x (and newer)

See this Lockdown Browser article for information.

Still having problems with Lockdown Browser?

Visit for instructions on how to live chat a Lockdown Browser specialist.

You can also submit a ticket by clicking here.