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The Technology Service Center recommends using the web version at

  1. Open Outlook on your laptop/desktop by searching for "Outlook" (On a Mac this will be under Launchpad)
    1. You can also do this by opening the start meny and scrolling down to Microsoft Office, then opening Outlook
    2. On a Mac it is under "Launchpad"

      1. Then type Outlook
  2. Enter in your email address and click "Connect"
  3. On this screen select "Exchange"
  4. When it asks for a password select "More Choices"
  5. Enter in HCCMAIN\username1234 and your password
  6. Uncheck the bottom checkbox (Yellow below) and click "Done"
  7. It will automatically launch outlook and ask you to sign in, sign in with your password
    1. You will need to sign in each time you re-open outlook/reboot the PC
  8. It will pop up one final box, click "Close"