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If your files were accidentally deleted there is software that can attempt to recover it.

This procedure is not guaranteed to work and is unlikely to work.

We recommend you use OneDrive if possible to allow you to recover your files in case of accidental deletion.


  1. Stop using the computer until you can run the below software. Every file saved can corrupt your deleted file.
  2. Download Kickass Undelete - a free, open source file recovery tool for Windows (
    1. This software is free for all uses commercial or non-commercial, we apologize for the name but similar software is not free for commercial use.
  3. Open the exe
  4. Click "Yes", it may prompt you for a password and username or to press Yes
  5. Click the large "Scan" button
  6. If it finds any files, you can check the box next it to select it for recovery
    1. Other states can be that it was partially overwritten, this files may or may not be recoverable or open after recovery.
  7. then select "Restore Files" at the bottom right
  8. It will ask you where you want to save the files, please save them to a flash drive or onedrive so they will be backed up
  9. try to open the file, sometimes even if it can recover it the file is too corrupt to open in a program.

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